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The Medical Institute for Sexual Health
(800) 892-9484
Premiere medically based resource for information about and solutions to problems associated with sexually transmitted disease and non-marital pregnancy.

National Abstinence Clearinghouse
(888) 577-2966
Non-profit educational organization with an online resource library, news updates and an online abstinence resource store. 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs
(866) 640-PUBS (7827)
Brochures published by the federal government on adolescent sexuality.  Can be viewed online or ordered free of charge.  See especially: 

  • If You Think Saying 'No' Is Tough, Just Wait 'Til You Say 'Yes'";
  • You Didn't Get Pregnant.  You Didn't Get AIDS.  So Why Do You Feel Bad?"; and
  • How To Be A Better Lover".

Focus on the Family
(800) A-FAMILY (232-6459)
Faith-based organization dedicated to preserving traditional values and the institution of the family.  Search resource section for the following relevant publications: 

  • Take Twelve:  The truth behind 12 of the most common arguments made by powerful 'safe-sex' organizations against the abstinence-until-marriage message";
  • Let's Talk About Sex"; and
  • Five Reasons You Need 'The Piece of Paper'".

Kaiser Family Foundation
Serves as an independent voice and source of facts and analysis on major health care issues in the U.S. by conducting nationally representative surveys.  To find relevant information, choose "Adolescent Sexual Health" from the "Browse by Topic" dropdown bar. 


Websites for teens on making healthy sexual choices.  Many also contain sections for parents, teachers and health care professionals.