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What About Pregnancy?

Although the pregnancy rate for teens has declined somewhat recently, there are still approximately one million teenage pregnancies every year.  The decline is most likely due to the increased use of oral and injected contraceptives.  And kids who use these protections from pregnancy are often not using condoms.

Latex condoms are said to provide pregnancy prevention rates as high as 98 percent.  The Food and Drug Administration, which classifies condoms as medical devices (and therefore, regulates them), says, however, the rate of pregnancies resulting from condom use is about 14 percent overall. 

Many methods are being attempted to counter the above statistics on STDs and pregnancy.  Kids are taught how to use condoms, condoms are made readily available through school health clinics, teenage girls are advised to take birth control pills, etc.   Although condoms have been widely promoted for many years, the STD rate for teens has shown little improvement.